India May Impose Anti-dumping Duties on Solar Modules From US, China, Taiwan, Malaysia

Various ministries of the Indian government are considering to impose anti-dumping duties on solar photovoltaic modules imported from the US, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan. The Commerce Ministry has undertaken a preliminary inquiry into the impact of large-scale import of solar modules on the domestic manufacturers. The Indian solar module manufacturers have been lobbying for anti-dumping duties on imported equipment … [continued]

Sierra Club, 350.org, Greenpeace Lead Effort To Curb American “Bullying” Of Indian Solar Industry

The Sierra Club announced last week that it and 11 other organisations (listed below) had sent a letter to Ambassador Demetrios Marantis, acting US Trade Representative, expressing their growing concern regarding America’s legal intrusion into India’s national solar program. According to the Sierra Club, “the United States government is currently challenging domestic … [continued]

US Solar Industry Leaders Testify before ITC on Chinese Silicon PV Dumping, Subsidies

Massive Chinese government subsidies have led to equally massive overcapacity and Chinese manufacturers’ exports to the US, and that in turn’s led to a rising tide of US solar bankruptcies and downsizing at a critical juncture in the global industry’s development, US solar industry leaders and supporters testified. The Commerce Dept.’s much anticipated final determination on duties is right around the corner.

China Solar Inc. Trade Battles Intensify; State Bank to Boost Financial Support for Largest Players

News of new unfair trade actions against China and Chinese PV manufacturers announced in the EU, US, and India add to the embattled industry’s woes, as well as international trade tensions and protectionism. Illegal subsidies petitions were filed in the EU; India’s PV manufacturers are lobbying to bring a WTO case; and two protectionist bills were introduced in the US Senate. […]

First Solar Launches India Expansion Plan as Trade Tensions Escalate

First Solar’s shifting its strategic focus toward supplying and building thin-film solar power projects in India, as PV cell and panel profit margins continue to be pressured and trade tensions escalate. The Tempe, Arizona thin-film market leader aims to capture 20% of the Indian solar PV market even as critics assert that US government export finance banks are providing low-interest loans to Indian solar power project developers that violate WTO rules on international trade. […]

Solar PV Trade Disputes Escalate as German Group Files Dumping Charges against China

Solar PV trade disputes between China and its main trading partners are escalating, as a group of German solar companies, led by SolarWorld AG, filed a WTO anti-dumping petition with the European Commission. The filing heightens tensions and divisions among industry participants, who have been put under increasing pressure as a result of a massive build-up in solar PV supply and manufacturing capacity, the bulk of which has come from China. […]