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Coal Lobbying Loses Steam As Climate Awareness Rises

Think of big businesses that lobby to restrict US work on climate change. ExxonMobil and its hard-line petroleum allies probably come up first. However, we sometimes forget the participation of many of the flagging US coal barons. The Climate Investigations Center, a small progressive group that monitors energy and environmental outliers, says … [continued]

Is Fossil Fuel Divestment A Bad Idea?

Despite objections to the contrary from those beholden to fossil fuels, the financial benefit and ethical motivation behind the divestment of fossil fuel investments is not likely to slow any time soon — if ever. A Global Initiative The fossil fuel divestment movement has exploded in popularity over the last … [continued]

Old King Coal Needs New Energy Team

Can the coal industry ever become a partner to the renewable energy industry, searching for the higher good concerning this planet’s energy needs? With enough coal to last for over a century, is there even a need to worry about such matters – at least right now? Will King Coal eventually wither into an old maid bride’s maid?