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Interview With Robert F Kennedy Jr On Environmental Activism, Democratization Of Energy, & More

This article was originally published on RenewEconomy: In January, RenewEconomy had the opportunity to do an exclusive interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr – son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy, veteran environmental activist, lawyer, and renewable energy advocate. Robert F. Kennedy Jr is head of the Riverkeepers (which has 17 groups … [continued]

Plug n’ Play Solar PV Systems Aim to Juice the Home-DIY Market

‘Plug n’ Play’ solar home photovoltaic (PV) systems are making their way into the commercial mass market, offering DIY types, home and building owners the prospect of getting a solar PV power system up and running at low cost with heretofore unobtainable ease. A demonstration of the first two versions of Onyx Service and Solutions’ Plug-N-Play solar PV systems is set to take place in Orlando, Florida.

Westinghouse Solar Introduces Low-Cost, DIY Home Solar Power Kits

Looking to capitalize on the dramatically lower cost of solar power systems, Westinghouse Solar has launched a line of low-cost, “all-in-one” solar power system kits for the home that can be installed by homeowners and contractors.

The kits’ low cost and ease of installation make them “very appealing to contractors and do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners who, until now, have been put off by the high price of a rooftop system,”