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EPA Recognizes Renovate America’s Innovative Partnerships

Originally published on the ECOreport The Environmental Protection Agency recognized three local governments for their “Innovative Partnerships” with a PACE provider in its 2016 Climate Leadership Awards. In the press release, in which the EPA announced awards being given to “One Individual, 13 Organizations, and three Partnerships” across the US, it says: The … [continued]

$50 Million for Clean Energy, Energy & Water Efficiency via California County’s Residential PACE Program

Western Riverside County and California are leading the way forward in providing innovative financing for homeowners to carry out clean energy, energy and water efficiency renovations and retrofits. $50mm in HERO Program projects have been approved, which is projected to create as many as 4,000 local green contractor jobs, as well as enabling homeowners to reduce their energy and water bills, which in turn’s going to take a big bite out of the county and state’s electricity and water usage, carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.