We Energies

Rooftop solar energy supporters rally in Denver, before marching to the offices of utility corporation Xcel.

Dark Money Makes The Utility World Go ‘Round

A so-called consumer advocacy group from Houston, Texas, with ties to the fossil fuel-loving Koch brothers, recently submitted 2,500 signatures from Wisconsin ratepayers to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission in support of across-the-board rate hikes from utilities Madison Gas & Electric and We Energies. The We Energies’ proposal also included … [continued]

The Royal “WE”

In the battle for our energy future, we’ve seen some pretty devious attacks on rooftop solar, and the latest salvos from Wisconsin’s We Energies are in the running for top honors. If you followed recent attacks on net metering in Arizona, you have an inkling of what’s going down in … [continued]

90% of Coal Plant CO2 Captured in 12-Month Test

One year ago the French company Alstom began a year-long US test of capturing CO2 from the water+carbon-dioxide mix created using their chilled-ammonia technology, in the smokestack of the Pleasant Prairie Power Plant in Wisconsin. [social_buttons] This week the year’s results were announced. The years average CO2 capture rate was 90%, … [continued]