WaveRoller Arrives in Portugal for Long Awaited Tests

The WaveRoller arrived on January 2nd at Portugal’s Peniche Shipyard for a much anticipated pilot test this summer off the coast of Portugal, one of the best testing sites in Europe for ocean energy. The scaled-up version for the pilot test is to be tested in the same waters near the sea shore of Peniche where its smaller prototype showed promise (Previous: WaveRoller Uses Swinging Door for Underwater Wave Energy.)

Wave energy involves very large machines that must survive harsh underwater conditions. Even this pre-commercial version weighs 280 tons, and the test has been financed by the European Commission.

World Water Day: 60 Posts on Water & Cleantech

Today is world water day. We’ve written quite a number of posts on different ways water is connected to cleantech and clean energy. Rather than write a whole new post on one or two aspects of this, I’ve decided to do a compilation piece. The following are articles on CleanTechnica (and a few from our sister site Planetsave) on some of the connections between cleantech and water.

PG&E to Try Next Round of Wave Power Tests off Santa Barbara Coast

Moving on from the problems encountered in the Northern California wave energy tests off Mendocino and Humboldt Counties; PG&E has just filed a new preliminary permit application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for another three-year study of a potential wave power site.

This time the proposed site is off the coast of Santa Barbara County at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Like every Federal Agency, the Air Force is now under Executive Order to cut transport carbon emissions 30% and to power buildings with renewable energy, possibly making this location more amenable to tests of a renewable energy source that has that potential.