GE’s Home EV Charger Gets Personal

GE and GelaSkins have teamed up to offer more personalized home EV chargers. GE’s residential WattStation electric car charger can now be personalized with your choice of  thousands of designs offered by GelaSkins. If none of those are personal enough for you, you can also provide your own design. If you choose … [continued]

Fully Networked WattStation and WattStation Connect Software Launched

  GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business has launched the WattStation and WattStation Connect this week at the SAE 2012 World Congress in Detroit. The comprehensive electric vehicle charging station and software platform has numerous features. For example, it: lets owners manage charging stations remotely, lets them manage and set customer pricing for EV charging, can … [continued]

Cleantech Consumer Product News

  1. SolarWindows achieve “speed and scale-up” breakthrough. We’ve written about New Energy Technologies’ SolarWindow technology a few times here on CleanTechnica, most recently at the end of September. The most recent news from the company is that it has “successfully fabricated its latest working window prototype using a faster, … [continued]