water treatment

ORNL researchers are demonstrating an automation system for this portable system, currently based in Colorado, for treatment of non-traditional water sources to drinking water standards. Credit: Tzahi Cath/Colorado School of Mines

With Automated Treatment, Affordable Water From Nontraditional Sources Can Flow to Underserved Communities

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory are developing advanced automation techniques for desalination and water treatment plants, enabling them to save while providing affordable drinking water to small, parched communities without high-quality water supplies. Climate change and growing populations are straining the lakes, rivers and aquifers … [continued]

World Water Day: 60 Posts on Water & Cleantech

Today is world water day. We’ve written quite a number of posts on different ways water is connected to cleantech and clean energy. Rather than write a whole new post on one or two aspects of this, I’ve decided to do a compilation piece. The following are articles on CleanTechnica (and a few from our sister site Planetsave) on some of the connections between cleantech and water.

Water Crisis: Clean Tech to the Rescue?

Water shortages are on the rise, from Mexico to the Andes, northern China to southern India, and Spain to Pakistan. Drought, soaring populations and population densities, changing diets, and increasing living standards are all factors. Is this an issue that technology can fix? Judging by investors’ responses, the answer seems … [continued]