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Q&A With Bevi CEO Sean Grundy

Bevi is a company that is focused on reducing the number of plastic bottles consumers use when drinking water. It has two products aimed at helping with this. CEO Sean Grundy took the time to answer a few questions about Bevi, its mission, and its products for CleanTechnica. Q&A With … [continued]

How Clean Is Your Water?

We recently received a story pitch from Pelican Water Systems that reminded me yet again that clean water tech is a form of cleantech that we probably don’t discuss enough. Of course, access to clean water (or lack thereof) is a much bigger issue in the developing world. “More than 80% … [continued]

Solar-Powered Proteins Developed That Can Filter Antibiotics And Carcinogens From Water

A solar-powered nano filter capable of filtering antibiotics and dangerous carcinogens from large bodies of water has been developed by researchers at the University of Cincinnati. The new technology is significantly more effective than the currently used filtering technologies composed of activated carbon. The filter is composed of two bacterial … [continued]

Clean Water Project In Africa To Generate 500,000 Carbon Credits, Provide Clean Water To Several…

  The Kenya Clean Water Project, initiated by US-based Native Energy in collaboration with Triple Quest, has started generating carbon offsets. The project is part of a large-scale clean water project covering several African countries, like Ghana and Ethiopia, apart from Kenya. The Kenya Clean Water Project will generate 100,000 … [continued]

Water Up with a BIBO Water Filter

  It’s well known that bottled water is a demon (or favorite punching bag) of the green community. Plastic is filling up our environment and even taking over huge patches of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Additionally, shipping bottled water all across the world is, to say the least, a … [continued]