Tiny Baubles Transform Eco-Hostile Laundry Washing

One more energy-intensive, water-consuming, polluting activity may be about to go down the drain, or at least achieve a huge environmental makeover. It’s something pretty ubiquitous: laundry washing. You may be surprised to find out that laundry is a $100 billion global industry! Since the 1950s brought electric washers into … [continued]

Poop to Plastic?

When making a list of the most promising new sustainability innovations, sewage probably wouldn’t be the first topic that springs to mind. Let’s face it – beyond being the butt of jokes, what other good can come out of human waste? Well, one company thinks they’ve figured out how to use sewage to reduce humanity’s environmental impact and oil dependence.

Wastewater treatment plants could be a gold mine in the quest to replace the petroleum used every year to make plastic for packaging. energyNOW! correspondent Lee Patrick Sullivan got a whiff of how sewer sludge is being turned into sustainable plastic.

Columbia Prof Gets $1.5 Million Grant for Ghana Sewage-to-Biofuel Project

Here in the U.S., we’re starting to reap a rich harvest of sustainable resources from our municipal wastewater treatment plants. The current and potential haul includes biogas, biodiesel, bioplastic, reclaimed wastewater for irrigation, and sludge “cake” that can be used as a soil enhancer. Hydrokinetic power is another option, and treatment plants often make ideal locations for