Washington State

Puget Sound, Washington State. Image courtesy of Cynthia Shahan | CleanTechnica.

Washington State Passes Cutting-Edge Policies To Reduce Climate Pollution

Decarbonizing utilities: Washington passed the first law in the United States that outlines a pathway for a combined gas and electricity utility to transition away from gas for all of its customers. Proposed by Puget Sound Energy, the bill allows the utility to merge electric and gas customers into a single rate … [continued]

Washington State’s Emissions Allowance Program’s 1st Auctions

Washington State wrapped up its first full year of auctions for tradable emission allowances in December, as the state considers joining an integrated regional greenhouse gas reduction program with California and Québec. In 2021, the Washington state legislature set up a cap-and-invest program that creates tradable emission allowances as a measure to … [continued]