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Washington State EV Tax Credit Reinstated

In the state of Washington, EV tax incentives have been reinstated. They ended last year but were recently revived and will go into effect on August 1st of this year. Washington Governor Jay Inslee was behind the revival. The goal in Washington is to get 50,000 of these kinds of vehicles on the roads by 2020. Tara Lee, the Deputy Communications Director, Office of the Governor for the state of Washington, answered some questions for Cleantechnica.

Washington Increases Its EV Subsidies

Originally published on EV Obsession. The governor of Washington state, Jay Inslee, recently signed a new law into effect that will see the state’s electric vehicle incentive program expanded to include plug-in hybrids (with at least 30 miles of all-electric range), according to recent reports. The expansion will also see … [continued]

Tesla Competitive Advantage, Tesla Home Storage, Largest Tesla Supercharger… (Clean Transport Link Drop)

Here’s some more electric vehicle (mostly Tesla) news and commentary from around the interwebs: Tesla Tesla’s Competitive Advantages — 5 Big Ones Tesla Model X Delivery Schedule On Target, Model 3 On Schedule Too Tesla’s Supercharger In Valle d’Aosta, Italy, Will Be Biggest In World Team Drives Tesla Cross Country In Record Time Tesla Model … [continued]