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Top 20 CleanTechnica Stories of the Week

Wondering what the top 20 CleanTechnica stories of the week were (purely in terms of pageviews)? I thought so. Here you go: Wowza, Tesla Offers To Buy SolarCity!! (Live Blog & Stock Price Rollercoaster) Specs For 2017 BMW i3 Revealed, With Some Surprises (via BMW i3 blogspot) Tesla Model S 60 Buyers … [continued]

Nope, Germany Not Banning Non-EVs

Originally published on Renewables International. By Craig Morris (@PPchef) Translations of recent statements made by top German officials make it sound like the country is about to do the right thing. Reality is a bit messier. Google “all new cars mandated to be electric in Germany by 2030,” and you could be … [continued]