Van Jones

Prince Was Unnamed Driving Force & Checkbook Behind “Green For All” Program Gifting Solar PV…

Those living in Oakland, California, who have benefited from the “Green For All” program that provides locals with rooftop solar photovoltaic systems may want to thank the recently deceased musician Prince, as he was apparently the secret driving force and checkbook behind the program, according to prominent political activist Van Jones. In … [continued]

Power from the People (Book Review)

  It had me at “foreward by Van Jones.” Greg Pahl’s book Power From the People, how to organize, finance, and launch local energy projects starts off with a punch as Jones makes the case that the world is in dire straights, both in energy and economy matters. Jones calls on … [continued]

The Dark and Seamy Underbelly of the Recycling Industry

Today was Day One of the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference in Los Angeles, held by the Blue Green Alliance. That’s not blue as in oceans, that’s blue as in blue collar workers. This exciting conference brought together clean tech industry leaders, labor union leaders, government, investors and educators to discuss how best to create more green jobs. This builds on the work Van Jones did in promoting a Green Collar Economy. Villaraigosa and many other speakers all mentioned the importance of working together to create more quality green jobs.

Van Jones: We Must Do Our Part, & Fight

Left to themselves, it seems that our politicians are not going to cut our addiction to foreign oil from unstable and unfriendly countries, adequately invest in the #1 job creation category of the future, or counteract the biggest human-caused environmental threats in history. But, should they be left to themselves? … [continued]