Utility Dive

Black Hole Forms On Solar Net Metering In Nevada

Nevada’s Public Utility Commission (PUCN) has effectively created a solar black hole for the statue’s growing distributed energy movement, voting unanimously on Wednesday against requests to delay implementation of controversial changes to metering rates. One of the sunniest states in the country with a black hole? Absolutely, if you happen … [continued]

2015 Renewable Electricity Totals More Than Half Of 14.4 GW Of New Electricity Capacity Completed

According to Utility Dive, 2015 renewable electricity accounted for 61% of 2015 electricity capacity additions in 2015 across the United States, while natural gas contributed 35% of the total. This is encouraging news for clean energy proponents addressing escalating challenges from climate change. In short, here are the Utility Dive highlights: While electricity … [continued]