utility 2.0

Beyond Utility 2.0: Part 4 “Next Steps”

Originally posted at ilsr.org. Principles, Structure, and Policies of Energy Democracy Energy democracy can best be described as an electricity system that empowers the individuals and communities that have the energy resources of the 21st century (e.g. wind and solar) to economically benefit from their use. It shares the principles … [continued]

Beyond Utility 2.0: Part 3 “The Future”

Originally posted at ilsr.org. Unfortunately for utilities, new technology and commercial opportunities in the coming years are only increasing the threat to the 1.0 business model. Solar energy is growing exponentially as costs have fallen 28% per year from 2009-2013, and electricity from rooftops is approaching or passing parity with … [continued]

Can An Old Utility Learn New Tricks?

Originally posted at ilsr.org. American electric utilities are creations of the 20th century, depending heavily on their protected monopolies to deliver economical electricity. But the growth in energy efficiency, cost-effective distributed energy like solar, and sophisticated tools for energy management (like smartphone apps) have introduced many competitive pressures. Can we … [continued]