40 Million Americans Depend On The Colorado River. That Could Be A Problem.

The Colorado River now carries about 20% less water than it did a century ago. The Colorado originates in the Rocky Mountains, where it is fed by melting snow. Due to the changes in weather patterns attributable to a heating planet, not as much snow falls in those mountains today as in prior years. Less snow means the land in the upper elevations is warmed by the sun where previously the snow cover would reflect sunlight back into space, making the area hotter, which means that whatever snow falls melts sooner.

USGS: Coal-Tar Sealant Is Primary Source Of PAH Contamination In Milwaukee Streams (Implications For Other…

While this shouldn’t be surprising to anyone who has smelled the stuff when it’s being applied, coal-tar-based sealants used on pavement are the primary source of toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in streambed sediments in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, according to a new study from the US Geological Survey and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District.