used electric vehicles

Used Electric Car Prices Dropping

Economies around the world have been bonkers the past several years, since COVID hit. That has been more evident in the auto industry more than most others, probably because cars are such expensive products and get so much attention. One thing we saw as inflation started increasing was record high … [continued]

Used EVs Coming Down In Price

The used car market plays a crucial role in providing affordable vehicles for people, especially those who can’t afford ever-rising new car prices. While buying a new car can be a dream for many, it is often unaffordable due to the high price tag and the insane dealer markups we … [continued]

Should You Buy A Used Tesla?

Used Tesla vehicles have dropped in price in recent months, causing many prospective buyers to consider buying one with a lower price tag and an older battery. There’s a lot to consider when looking at used Tesla vehicles, and one outlet recently looked at the downward trend to see what … [continued]