used electric cars

Used Electric Car Prices Dropping

Economies around the world have been bonkers the past several years, since COVID hit. That has been more evident in the auto industry more than most others, probably because cars are such expensive products and get so much attention. One thing we saw as inflation started increasing was record high … [continued]

Nissan Leaf at last. Photo courtesy Glenn Groves

From A V8 Camaro To A Nissan LEAF

Glenn Groves from regional Victoria shares his journey from a V8 Chevrolet IROC-Z Camaro to a fully electric Nissan LEAF via a Toyota Prius hybrid. He contacted me through the Nissan LEAF Facebook page. I have written about people’s love of the V8 Camaro previously. Glenn covers it from a … [continued]

Farid with his 2019 Leaf. Photo courtesy Farid Sharhidinejad

Nissan Leaf for Energy Security & Independence

Farid Shahidinejad responded to my Facebook request for stories about the Nissan Leaf. When Farid’s friend, an engineer who worked in the petrol industry, told him that Australia only has 24 days’ supply of petrol in reserve, he did his research and bought an electric car. His initial purchase was … [continued]