US solar manufacturing

China, Inc. Locked In on World Solar, Wind Manufacturing Domination

China’s new 12th Five-Year Plan clearly shows that rather than striving to comply with internationally agreed-upon trade rules, the Chinese government is intent on dominating solar PV and wind energy manufacturing globally. China’s new plan will direct some $1.5 trillion into solar PV manufacturing export, with polysilicon, thin-film CIGS solar PV producers and equipment manufacturers now squarely in its sights.

Economic Multiplier at Work: US Solar PV Manufacturers Boost Local Economies, Spur Innovation

Four founding members of the Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing (CASM) purchased more than $400 million in goods and services from other manufacturers and employers in 46 states in 2011, according to a CASM survey. The survey results highlight the ripple effects and positive impact a healthy US solar PV manufacturing sector can have on job creation, income growth and economic development, particularly in areas hard-hit by the exodus of manufacturers from US shores.

Milwaukee Solar PV Manufacturer Comes Out Publicly in Support of CASM Trade Case Against China

Demand was initially brisk for the high-end monocrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic (PV) panels manufactured by Helios Solar Works at a new, highly automated 50-MW capacity factory on a brownfield industrial site Milwaukee’s city leaders designated for redevelopment and growth. That is until last summer, when founder Steven Ostrenga began noting “a deep dive in [solar panel] pricing coming out of China that we just couldn’t meet.”

Groups Look to Locally Grown Solar Power to Revitalize Ohio Communities

Locally Grown Power and IdealPV are partnering with Mansfield, Ohio’s NECIC to launch the first of what it believes can be a series of local, community-centered, and vertically integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) businesses. Private and public in nature, NECIC and Locally Grown Power’s public-private business development model addresses several critical issues faced by communities across the county: job creation, local government fiscal problems, and the rising cost of energy amongst them.

Semprius to Produce Dot-Sized, Low Cost-High Efficiency Solar CPV Cells, Modules at NC Plant

Fresh out of having its dot-sized, triple junction solar PV cells validated at 41% efficiency, Semprius is building a 35 MW production facility in North Carolina. Using a massive parallel micro-transfer process, its concentrated PV modules are expected to be competitive with fossil fuels. Siemens and VC partners have taken an equity stake in the start-up, a dramatic illustration of how federal government support is being leveraged by private industry.

Colorado to be Home to GE Thin-Film Solar Plant, Largest in the US

Folks out in Denver, Colorado applauded an announcement Thursday night from Gov. John Hickenlooper that GE had chosen Colorado, more specifically the Denver suburb of Aurora, as the site for a new thin-film solar manufacturing plant. GE anticipates investing as much as $600 million in the plant, which is expected to employ 400 workers involved in manufacturing as much as 400-megawatts (MW) worth of thin-film solar panels, enough to power 80,000 homes a year.