US job creation

Expired Treasury Renewable Energy Subsidy Created as Many as 75,000 Green Jobs, $44 Billion in…

The Treasury 1603 grant program– a renewable energy subsidy–was a key strut that kept the US renewable energy growing and creating green jobs in the wake of the near collapse of the US financial system and recession of 2008-2009. This should go a long way towards putting paid to Republican rhetorical diatribe about federal support for clean energy development and job creation, though it almost certainly won’t.

Groups Look to Locally Grown Solar Power to Revitalize Ohio Communities

Locally Grown Power and IdealPV are partnering with Mansfield, Ohio’s NECIC to launch the first of what it believes can be a series of local, community-centered, and vertically integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) businesses. Private and public in nature, NECIC and Locally Grown Power’s public-private business development model addresses several critical issues faced by communities across the county: job creation, local government fiscal problems, and the rising cost of energy amongst them.

DOE Weatherization Assistance Cuts Energy Bills, Lowers Usage for 600,000 Low-Income Homes

Creating much needed building and construction industry jobs, reducing energy bills and use at low-income homes and buildings and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, all this has been achieved – and faster than scheduled – by the DOE’s Weatherization Assistance Program, which has ‘weatherized’ 600,000 homes and buildings across the US and its territories three months ahead of schedule.