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80% Cuts In Transportation Sector Petroleum And Emissions: How Do We Get There?

The Dept. of Energy’s “Transportation Energy Futures” study provides a template for Pres. Obama’s vision of reducing US transportation sector petroleum use and greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050. Realizing gains in vehicle energy efficiency and fostering shifts in demand for different modes of transport, growing use of biomass biofuels, and transitioning to hydrogen and electric vehicles are the three main facets of the TEF strategy.

Significant Potential for Plug-in Electric Vehicles in US Housing Stock

  Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Residential Energy Consumption Survey. Note: Excludes the 11.2 million households without a vehicle. The housing stock in the United States could support significant numbers of plug-in electric vehicles. Of households that own at least one car, an estimated 49% (49.6 million housing units) park within 20 feet … [continued]