urban trees

Urban Trees Protect Buildings From High Winds, Cold Temps, & Air Pollution

Scientists have learned that urban trees — even just a single tree — can help homes and office buildings save energy by blunting the chilling power of a stiff wind. Trees keep pedestrians more comfortable when they stroll down the street, and they help lower building heating costs by reducing wind pressure. Even trees without leaves can help slow the wind down.

Woodman, Spare that Valuable Urban Tree!

Free new software from the U.S. Forest Service finally puts a dollar sign on the well known claim that urban trees have a value far beyond just making city dwelling tree lovers feel good. The software – and yes, it is free – is called i-Tree. It’s designed to help stakeholders and students measure

Rubber Sidewalks Give the Bounce to Concrete

[social_buttons] Rubber sidewalks are all grown up.  Once perceived mainly as a safe surface for playgrounds, rubber sidewalks have developed into a means of preserving urban trees, reducing stormwater runoff, recycling tires, and curbing greenhouse gas emissions.  A company called Rubbersidewalks (what else?) began installing the modular units in 2002, … [continued]