urban sprawl

Bumper-to-bumper traffic jams the I-25 corridor in Denver, Colorado. Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL.

The Economist Is Wrong to Claim Car-Addicted US Cities Are More Accessible Than Europe’s, Here’s…

“In praise of America’s car addiction – How vehicle-dependence makes the country fairer and more efficient” was a headline in The Economist last November. The opposite is true. Findings, cited by The Economist, as well as from other studies, show the contrary. The Economist concluded that American cities-centres are more accessible than Europe’s. However, … [continued]

Shear Away That Sprawl — It Kills

An update of a thought-provoking 2002 report on the effects of sprawl has more data on the negative health effects of this development pattern. The study probes how sprawl affects a person’s well-being (or, alternatively, how connected and compact neighborhoods do). The study finds that urban sprawl does affect health in … [continued]

Suburban Sprawl Cancels Out Benefits Of Dense City Living

Originally published by ClimateProgress by Kiley Kroh While densely-populated cities produce less greenhouse gas emissions per person, the suburban sprawl around these cities — and the increased driving, bigger homes, and higher emissions from goods and services that accompany suburban living — essentially cancels out that benefit, according to new research from … [continued]