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Berlin & China Creating “Sponge Cities” — Landscape Architects Help Cities Absorb Water, Cool Down

Berlin (Germany) and China are working with nature to create sponge cities that absorb rainwater and cool the city. Even without the challenges of climate change, cities would do well to consider the benefits of imitating natural ecosystems to cool down and store rainwater, a precious resource. With problems from climate change in urban areas, such as increased flooding and more extreme heatwaves, the need to develop “sponge cities” is essential.

Cool Transit — It’s About Branding, Baby!

Mass transit offers many benefits, and millennials are more supportive than previous generations of renewable energy and shifts in transportation. However, we are still far from the ridership percentages our country had long ago, before we got involved so profoundly with automobiles. Feeling engaged and positively connected to cool images of public transport might … [continued]

Madrid Plans For Car-Free City Center

The center of the Spanish city of Madrid intends to become completely pedestrian oriented — car free — by 2020. The 2020 Mobility Plan comes with new legislation set for January that will enforce new policies to keep cars out of almost 500 acres in the core of the city as part of the long-term plan. … [continued]