urban farming

Growing Without Farming

Our modular farms plug into existing infrastructure and are easily deployed into a given space, often directly at the point of sale. The individual farms are connected to each other through our central farming platform, creating a first of its kind self-optimizing farming network. Our unique cognitive platform orchestrates the network and leverages a sophisticated mesh of sensors and IoT technologies to improve itself over time. Each individual farm acts as a data pipeline, sending information on plant growth to our platform allowing it to learn, adjust, and optimize.

Bringing Nature Into Companies & Corporate Campuses With Farmscape

So many of us suffer from nature deficit: we spend lots of time indoors, staring at screens both large and small. This is tiring to our brains and our eyeballs, and keeps us from enjoying a connection with trees, plants, and open space.

With the understanding that taking a break in nature is good for our brains and our productivity, an innovative California-based company called Farmscape is working to bring greenery and farming into corporate and urban landscapes.

World’s 1st Plantagon Greenhouse for Urban Farming Under Construction (in Sweden)

  Here’s a pretty cool urban farming solution—a Plantagon greenhouse for urban farming. Construction on the first one broke ground in Sweden last week. This unique vertical-farming greenhouse will also be “[part of] an international Centre of Excellence for Urban Agriculture, a demo-plant for Swedish clean-tech and a climate-smart way … [continued]