U.S. Uranium Production Up In 2022 After Reaching Record Lows In 2021

Uranium concentrate (U3O8) production in the United States was nearly 10 times higher than the previous year in 2022, partly as a result of higher uranium prices. U.S. U3O8 production remained near historic lows despite operations resuming at the White Mesa Mill, the United States’ only operating conventional uranium mill. Using different processes, five facilities in the … [continued]

Fukushima unit 4 progress report: 10% complete on 1/14/2014.

Fukushima Fuel Transfer Reaches 10% Milestone

Fukushima nuclear power station as unit 4 operations commenced (screen shot from euronews broadcast, November 11, 2013.) TEPCO announced 10% completion of the spent fuel transfer this week. Tokyo Electric Power Company has reached a minor milestone in cleaning up the mess that started at its Fukushima nuclear power station … [continued]

18,000 Warheads Converted to Nuclear Fuel

  Well over four hundred tons of uranium have been converted from former Soviet Union nuclear warheads. Called “Megatons to Megawatts,” the program was started by USEC, a global energy company and leading supplier of nuclear fuel. It was planned to last twenty years and is a partnership between industry and … [continued]

A Safer Nuclear Future?

  Replacing uranium with thorium could see currently installed nuclear reactors recycling their nuclear waste indefinitely. Since the development of nuclear power, many different strategies for the minimisation and disposal of nuclear waste have been considered. There are two types of nuclear waste: fission product waste and actinide waste. Fission … [continued]