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Does Toyota Prius History Foreshadow Tesla’s Future?

For those interested in Tesla, there are valuable lessons to be learned from Toyota’s history. Whitelaw Reid (via UVA Today) turns his attention to the Toyota Prius case study. Why? The history of Toyota’s Prius may uncover tell-tale clues about the electric vehicle future and, in particular, Tesla. He notes, “Two decades ago, Toyota’s Prius sedan rolled out of factories and into Japanese showrooms, becoming the first mass-produced gasoline/electric hybrid in an automotive landscape dominated by internal-combustion fuel engines.”

Anti-Wind Propaganda Plot Exposed by DeSmogBlog

DeSmogBlog has exposed the memo of a U.S. based propaganda plot to coordinate fossil-funded groups to turn public opinion against wind power. The memo crafted by the American Tradition Institute (ATI) was obtained by DeSmogBlog and written up at the British newspaper the Guardian. ATI is the right-wing “think-tank” behind the lawsuit to harass hockey … [continued]