University of Sussex

On Disruptive Energy Technology: An Interview With Philip Johnstone From Sussex Energy Group (SEG)

Philip Johnstone has been a research fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU), University of Sussex, for the past four years, working in the Sussex Energy Group (SEG) on a variety of themes. This includes work on disruptive innovation, industrial policy, the political and democratic implications of sustainability transitions, and nuclear policy of many dimensions, from weapons to waste.

Urban Heat Island Effect To Double City-Level Costs Of Dealing With Climate Change, Study Finds

The urban heat island effect — effectively, the reality that dark roads and buildings in urban areas absorb and radiate far more heat than vegetation in rural areas does, which makes cities notably hotter than surrounding areas — is going to more than double the city-level costs of dealing with rising temperatures caused by anthropogenic climate change over the coming century, according to a new study.