University of Manchester

Water easily evaporates through graphene oxide membranes but they represent an impermeable barrier for other molecules. Image Credit: Dr Rahul R.Nair

Graphene’s Great Water-Filtration Potential Unveiled By New Research

The great potential that graphene has shown with regard to electronics and energy technologies is well known, but there’s quite a bit more to graphene than ‘just’ that…. In particular, the material possesses a number of strange qualities with regard to its interactions with water — qualities that are now … [continued]

Graphene/TMDC Combination For Next-Gen Solar Cells

By combining the wonder material graphene with other one-atom-thick materials, such as TMDC, to make stacks/2D-crystals, it becomes possible to produce an enormous range of superlative properties, and likely to create the “next generation” of solar cells, according to researchers from the University of Manchester and the National University of … [continued]