United Technologies

Fuel Cells to Power CBS Studios in California

CBS Studios is the latest high-profile corporation to turn to fuel cells in an effort to “green” its energy use. Six 90%-efficient UTC Power PureCell systems are to be installed at production and office facilities, resulting in significant reductions in CO2 and NOx emissions, as well as water consumption. […]

Philadelphia Navy Yard Reborn as $122 Million Energy Innovation Hub

The Philadelphia Navy Yard, once home mainly to mothballed ships and notorious for asbestos contamination, has undergone a gradual transformation in the last ten years since the site was cleaned up and new businesses moved in. Now things are really starting to heat up. The U.S. Department of Energy will put up $122 million for a new “Energy Innovation Hub” to be located at the Navy Yard, featuring a partnership between United Technologies and Pennsylvania State University.

Ex-United Technologies Rocket Scientists To Build 150 MW Solar Heliostat in Sonoran Desert

SolarReserve; a California start-up spin-out from United Technologies’ Rocketdyne has filed an application with the CPUC to build a 150-megawatt heliostat solar farm with seven hours of after-sunset energy stored in molten salt. These are the rocket scientists responsible for our solar-powered space exploration. [social_buttons] Theirs would be the first … [continued]