New Type Of Anode Material (Replacing Graphite) For Lighter & Longer-Lasting Lithium-Ion Batteries

A new type of anode material (potentially replacing conventional graphite anodes) has been developed by researchers at UNIST. The new anode design could “hold the key to greatly improving the performance of commercial lithium-ion batteries” through weight reduction and increased lifespan, according to those involved in the work. A press release from UNIST … [continued]

Solar Hydrogen Production Efficiency World Record Broken — “Wormlike” Hematite Photoanode Crushes Old Record

A new world record has been set for solar hydrogen production efficiency — the new record-breaking efficiency of 5.3% blows past the previous record of 4.2%, thanks in large part to the development of a new “wormlike” hematite photoanode. The new photoanode was developed by researchers from the Ulsan National … [continued]