Ukraine Solar Energy

Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation and Menlo Electric will donate photovoltaic installations for Ukrainian schools and hospitals

Ukraine Schools & Hospitals Getting Solar + Storage From “Energy Act For Ukraine Foundation” &…

Sadly, Ukraine is still suffering tremendously from Russia’s ill-fated, cruel, inhumane, and illogical invasion of its borders. The people of Ukraine are still fighting for their own survival as a country, and many have of course died in the fight. They need all the help they can get, including electricity … [continued]

Solar Energy Link Drop (6,000 Solar Mosques, FPL Community Solar, Etc)

Enjoy the solar energy stories below from around the interwebs, as well as our own solar energy stories from the past week. Rooftop Solar Tesla Unveiling Home Storage Product In ~1–2 Months Solar Power Technology Approved: Reduces Installation Costs 30-50% Significant News From Jordan’s Rooftop Solar Sector Jordan Transitioning 6,000 Mosques to Solar … [continued]