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Solar News Roundup

  Some more solar energy news from around the net to wrap up the week: SolarCity & Clean Currents have teamed up to offer fixed-price Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) for solar power with as little as $0 down and long-term electricity discounts/savings. The largest city-sponsored solar financing program in the U.S. has … [continued]

The UK Feed-In Tariff Saga Continues…

At a time when unemployment is reaching record levels in the UK, people could be forgiven for asking why the government insists on cutting the feed-in tariff rates for solar power in such a drastic manner, when they have been driving growth in the sector, creating much-needed jobs, and generating tax revenue. The main issue behind the government’s actions is that the feed-in tariff scheme is in danger of exceeding its budget, but the decision to cut the rate before the consultation period had finished simply didn’t make sense, which is why the High Court deemed it to be illegal. […]