fields spreading to horizon with hexacopter drones spraying fertilizer, birds eye view

Ukraine Will Become An Ag Drone Powerhouse After Invasion

Much has been made of the successful use of inexpensive drones by Ukraine’s military and civilian resistance in an asymmetric war against Russia’s illegal invasion. But what will happen after Russia is defeated and sent back behind its borders at last? There have been a few silver linings in the … [continued]

The transformative power of drones is reshaping modern warfare and accelerating the clean energy transition (photo courtesy of Draganfly).

The Transformative Power Of Drones Has Only Just Begun

Drones are changing the ground under our feet. Their game-changing use in warfare has been highlighted by Russia’s murderous invasion of Ukraine, but they are also accelerating the clean energy landscape in new and impactful ways. For some insights into both areas, CleanTechnica recently spoke with Cameron Chell, CEO and … [continued]

EViation Aims To Propel Electric Aviation Forward

In addition to being the year of the Tesla Model 3, 2017 is turning out to be a major year for flying aircraft that are also electric and autonomous. Soaring cars, driving saucers, flying pontoons-bikes, and electric airplanes have broken into the news regularly. Another electric airplane contender from EViation is moving its product past regulations and certifications and hopes to be in active commercial service by 2021, with a prototype next year.