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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Distributed Wind Power

October 9th, 2020 | by U.S. Department of Energy

Brush up on your distributed wind knowledge! The following are some key points and fun facts about the U.S. distributed wind market. This article is part of the Energy.gov series highlighting the “Top Things You Didn’t Know About Energy.”

U.S. Armed Forces Creating Clean Energy Innovations

July 27th, 2011 | by Silvio Marcacci

The Department of Defense has made headlines for using biofuels to power its’ planes and ships, but clean energy innovations may have a bigger impact by reducing the carbon bootprint of military while saving lives on the battlefield. New technologies are reducing the weight of equipment soldiers carry into battle, powering military bases, and creating a fleet of electric vehicles

End of Battery Nightmare for U.S. Soldiers

May 25th, 2011 | by Tina Casey

Disposable batteries have been called a "logistical nightmare" by the U.S. Army, and for good reason. With the increasing use of electronic gear, today's foot soldier has to carry more batteries and the weight adds up. The Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency has been actively seeking a solution in the form of portable fuel cells, and now students at the Stevens Institute of Technology are working on a

Coming Soon to an Army Base Near You: Net Zero Energy, Water, and Waste

April 25th, 2011 | by Tina Casey

A couple of weeks ago the U.S. Army announced that it was on the verge of identifying a group of bases to adopt a net zero policy for energy, water and waste, and now we can all stop holding our breaths. The U.S. Army's net zero bases were just announced and the program is even more ambitious than

U.S. Army Has Net Zero Vision for National Security

April 16th, 2011 | by Tina Casey

With its vast stock of vehicles, ships, planes, buildings, lands, and other facilities, the U.S. Department of Defense could foment a green revolution all by itself - and that seems to be just what it intends on doing, starting with the Army. Working quietly for the past couple of years, DoD has been nudging closer to developing an ambitious net zero program for a group of U.S. Army bases. That applies not only to energy production and consumption, but also to water resources and waste disposal as well

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