23 Nuclear Plants Vulnerable to Tsunamis

  It’s a nightmare scenario: 74 reactors at 23 nuclear power plants are in “potentially dangerous” areas for large tsunamis, according to a study published in the journal Natural Hazards. The study outlines 23 nuclear power plants with 74 reactors in high-risk areas. Not all of the reactors are active; … [continued]

Shut It Down — Mayor Calls to Decommission Tokaimura Reactor

In the wake of public protests opposing nuclear energy, at least one elected official has joined the cause. Tokaimura Mayor Tatsuya Murakami called on the federal government to decommission the nuclear reactor in his town 68 miles northeast of Tokyo. The reactor, which has had some problems in the past, has been shut down for routine maintenance since the tsunami and resulting nuclear incidents of March 11 this year.

Japanese Public Protests Plan to Reopen Nuclear Reactors

Japan has long had strong feelings on the subject of nuclear energy, only heightened by the tsunami and subsequent meltdown in Fukushima last spring. The prospect of returning to nuclear power sparked a show of public opposition on Monday in Tokyo, with at least 20,000 participants (according to the police) and perhaps as many as 60,000 (according to various media reports).

De-Salting Northern Japan

Not long ago, we saw the development of salt-tolerant crops in areas that couldn’t be irrigated or were damaged by a flood of salt-water. And then came the massive wave swamping northern Japan last March — it would seem like good timing, but it’s difficult to grow even salt-tolerant strains of anything in the wake of that mess.