EV Motor Control 101

Editor’s Note: The team at Mountain Pass Performance are doing some truly cutting edge work and research on EV motor controls. They put together a comprehensive post on EV motors with some help from Chris Brune at Rinehart Motion Systems and were nice enough to let us repost it here. 

30 Reasons To Buy An Electric Car … Today!

My increasingly good friend Paul Fosse wrote an article yesterday giving 5 reasons to buy a Tesla before July 1. At the end of the article, he linked to a 2016 article of mine that I had forgotten about. It’s a simple listicle but it’s actually one of my favorite articles. So, thanks to Paul, I’m reposting it today. In 2016, it was titled, “30 Reasons Your Next Car Should Be Electric.” At this point in time, I think it’s more appropriate to say that you should buy that car today, not wait any longer. Hopefully you’ll agree after reading through this list.

Tesla P85D Breaks A Dynamometer (Video)

Tesla’s P85D is quite the car, as I’m sure you’ve heard us state many times since its release. And we’ve posted quite a few videos showcasing the electric car’s impressive performance. But, have we ever posted a video of Tesla’s offering literally breaking a dynamometer (a “dyno,” a tool used … [continued]