Time of Use Electricity Pricing

Image courtesy CAISO

Time of Use Electricity Rate Plans Explained: Challenges & Solutions To Maximize Your Savings

Balancing extreme swings in supply and demand of electricity has become a huge challenge for utility companies. Net electricity demand plummets when solar production is at its peak. Then net demand spikes in the evening when solar is unavailable. To incentivize customers to change their energy habits, utilities are now … [continued]

23 Electric Vehicle Incentives Cities Can Implement To Stimulate EV Adoption

Below is one portion of our free report Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Guidelines for Cities. This report was produced by a working group of EV charging and electric vehicle leaders led by CleanTechnica and GreenWay. This portion of the report is simply a rundown of potential EV charging subsidies and incentives cities can use to stimulate and support electric vehicle adoption.