Panasonic and tado°, a German Energy Control Solution Company, Sign Business Alliance Agreement

Promotion of energy conservation and renewable energy use Joint development of A2W software Osaka, Japan — Panasonic Corporation has announced that its Heating & Ventilation A/C Company will launch a business alliance with tado°, a German energy control solution company, for the development of software for Panasonic’s air-to-water (A2W) heat … [continued]

Market Study Finds WeatherBug Home Delivers Higher HVAC Energy Efficiency

A press release via notes that Weather Bug announced on January 29, 2016, that a market study finds WeatherBug Home delivers 3x higher HVAC energy savings (combined with a connected/smart thermostat) than when a home is simply using a connected/smart thermostat (but not WeatherBug Home). Clients in a national grid study saved 11.4% more on … [continued]

New Thermostat Technology Sticks To Budget

Smart thermostats have been hot lately, but a new thermostat technology doesn’t just adjust your thermostat temperature based on time of day or your patterns. It also does so to keep you within a dedicated budget. There are plenty of nice thermostats and thermostat technology on the market these days, such … [continued]