The State of Public & Private Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

How To Find EV Charging Stations, How Charging Works

Plug-in vehicle drivers have more options than ever when it comes time to find a plug-in vehicle charging outlet. In the US, charging network operators such as ChargePoint and EVgo have developed robust smartphone apps that make finding a station within the network easy. In other countries, there are often similar networks with their own apps for local drivers.

Evolution & Current State of Public EV Charging in USA

The transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to plug-in electric vehicles usually prompts an initial reaction that we need to replace gas station pumps one-for-one with public plug-in vehicle charging connectors. The reality of the situation is that, if 80% of plug-in vehicle charging happens at home, that’s just not true. This changes much of what we think we know about refueling our vehicles. It puts the power back into the hands of drivers.

Renting Out Private EV Charging Stations

The early adopters of plug-in vehicles cut the path for all later adopters. Many early plug-in vehicle drivers built their own plug-in vehicles. Others worked with manufacturers to show their support for plug-in vehicles and, later, to get in line for groundbreaking plug-ins like the GM EV1 and the Nissan LEAF.

Our New Report: The State of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, And The Landscape Looking Forward

We have just published our first report solely focused on electric vehicle charging. It’s a deep dive into residential EV charging stations, public EV charging stations, multi-family building and commercial EV charging stations, EV service equipment innovations, EV charging business models, and electric vehicle adoption trends. Below is the report introduction.