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We Don’t Need Nickel From Russia

We don’t need nickel from Russia. There is a critical need for nickel and other EV battery metals worldwide, but we don’t need to get it from Russia. In March 2022, Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas shared worries about Russia’s outsized role in the nickel supply chain for EVs. CNBC’s Phil … [continued]

DeepGreen CEO Gerard Barron Opens Up About DeepGreen’s Open Letter to BMW & Other Brands

Recently, DeepGreen penned an open letter to BMW, Volvo, Google, and other brands about the importance of seafloor minerals and approached extraction cautiously with an exacting commitment to science-based impact analysis and environmental protection. I also interviewed DeepGreen’s CEO, Gerard Barron, via email last year. Yesterday, I had the pleasure … [continued]

DeepGreen To Combine With Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: SOAC)

In mid-2020, we interviewed DeepGreen Metals CEO Gerard Barron. Last week, DeepGreen announced that that it has entered into a definitive business combination agreement with Sustainable Opportunities Acquisition Corporation (NYSE: SOAC). DeepGreen collects nodules that literally fit in the palm of your hand from the seafloor. Its plan is to extract … [continued]