Tesla wraps

Image courtesy of Mira Shahan and Brendan Miles.

Tesla Cybertruck Matte vs. Glossy PPF (Paint Protection Films)

The Tesla Cybertruck, now known for its unique stainless steel exterior, recently became the subject of an intriguing experiment by the detailers at OCDetailing, based in Fremont, California. They explored the effects of both glossy and matte paint protection films (PPF) on the Cybertruck, offering insights into how these finishes … [continued]

Tesla Model 3 Owner Goes Green On St. Patrick’s Day

Remixing the look of a Tesla can be subtle or bold. Many of the most eye-catching Tesla mods are prowling the streets of South Florida after leaving Signature Custom Wraps. And often the most stunning Tesla transformations are found on social media. I recently stumbled across an especially striking Tesla from a Model 3 owner in California’s Bay Area with the handle, Unmatched_Tesla_Model3, on Instagram.