Tesla self-driving vehicles

Tesla Model 3 Autonomous Fleet Is Filmed On Tampa Expressway (Florida)

In Tampa, Florida, one of the expressway bridges was temporarily shut down recently to film part of a documentary. The expressway was shut down to film a fleet of autonomously driven Tesla Model 3s. One of the volunteers of the project, Model 3 owner Blaine Johnston, posted the story on Reddit and provided us with some extra stunning pictures of the event (photo gallery below).

Tesla Self-Driving Car Video & More Details

Kyle published our initial article about Tesla’s new self-driving hardware, and I just followed up with a poll about when we will have Tesla robotaxis. Apparently, there’s already more to share. Tesla has now released a video showing a Tesla using the self-driving hardware and published extra info on the tesla.com/autopilot page. … [continued]

Dear Elon: On Trucks & Autonomy, Etc. (in 2015)

Recently, I wrote a piece for CleanTechnica on the economics of autonomy, seeking to explain the vast implications of negative depreciation. (The ability to buy a car that is worth much more to the customer over time than its sticker price and its total cost of ownership.) While I thought it was possibly too much too … [continued]