Tesla repairs

Teslas being repaired at GM service center; via TeslaRepairs (Insta)

Nightmare Repair Bills Are The Dark Side Of EV Ownership

Modern EVs offer some of the latest, cutting-edge tech in the automotive industry, but life with that tech comes at a price.  When the headlights in my friend Bill’s 2019 Tesla Model S failed, he didn’t initially give it much thought. He scheduled a service appointment, dropped off the car, … [continued]

Fixing Salvaged Teslas, The Ingineer Way

All automobiles are supported by an ecosystem of services, which traditionally includes dealerships, repair shops, and fueling stations. One of the ways Tesla has redefined the auto industry is by vertically integrating these services. You can buy a vehicle directly from Tesla, have it serviced at a Tesla service center, and charge it at a Tesla Supercharger. On the whole, most customers seem to be happy with this arrangement, but some believe that there is an unmet need for independent repair shops, and a community of DIY Tesla repair techs has developed. Because Tesla doesn’t support their activities, there’s an underground, hacker vibe to the scene.

Tesla Auto Body Repair Specialists Can Now Get Trained Online

Tesla says it will be selling 500,000 cars a year soon. The odds are good that with all those Teslas running around, some of them are going to find solid objects to run into, causing dings and dents — or worse — that will need to be repaired. Until now, Tesla has required anyone who wants to be certified in Tesla auto body repairs be trained by the company at its dedicated facilities in California. But that means there simply won’t be enough qualified repair personnel to meet the needs of Tesla customers.