Tesla Model 3 trunk

Tesla Model 3 Trunk Organizer & Frunk Cooler From EVANNEX — CleanTechnica Review

We recently received a Tesla Model 3 trunk organizer and a frunk/trunk cooler from EVANNEX. Aside from floor mats to protect the original Tesla-installed flooring, I consider these the top two Model 3 aftermarket items that just about everyone could benefit from. (Though, pneumatic trunk and frunk hood openers have me drooling, and I do have some other fun aftermarket products to review.)

What Fits In A Tesla Model 3?

What fits in a Tesla Model 3? It’s not every day that you need to transport 700 square feet of flooring — unless you are in the flooring or construction business. However, people often need to move things — large things or large quantities of things. A few tweets show that from flat-screen TVs, to bodies, to 700 square feet of laminate flooring, pretty much anything will fit inside the cargo space of a Tesla Model 3.

Get The Frunk Outta Here! Tesla Raj Installs The New Power Frunk Kit

Raj has been exploring his Tesla Model 3 from the inside out on his YouTube channel, Tesla Raj, since basically the day he took possession of it, and he just dropped a new video overview of a new product from Tesla Offers that lets you level up your frunk with liftgate functionality. Before we dive in, check out Tesla Raj’s walkthrough of the new power frunk kit that shows off how it works and also goes all out with a full blown how-to installation video.