Tesla Model 3 reservations

Tesla Reaching Out To US Model 3 Reservation Holders To Ask If They Want A…

Tesla is in an interesting position. Hundreds of thousands of people put down reservations for a Model 3, perhaps 100,000 of them (or not quite) have now gotten their cars, and hundreds of thousands are still waiting. Many of those people are overseas, but plenty are surely still in the United States. Who are they? Are they going to order? If not, are they ever going to ask for a refund?

Tesla Model Y — How Should Tesla Proceed?

As you may have heard, one of my questions for Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the last Tesla conference call concerned Tesla Model Y. Elon had previously tweeted that they’d unveil the Model Y on March 15. Given how the Model 3 reservations turned out (I’ll get to that in a moment), I was curious if Tesla was planning a significant departure from that with the Model Y.

7 Reasons Tesla Model 3 Will Not Have Problem Of Low Demand

It’s easy to get hoodwinked by recent reports surrounding Tesla. Is Elon Musk really in dire straits based on such an abundance of negative Tesla press? Motley Fool’s Daniel Sparks argues that, while there “are items that might look like good reasons to be skeptical … one facet of Tesla’s business investors shouldn’t be concerned about is Model 3 demand.” To that end, Sparks lays out “seven reasons investors shouldn’t worry about demand for Model 3.”

1st Tesla Model 3 Delivery To Regular Customer (Detailed Walkthrough Video)

In day’s world, one man’s experience is now another’s, and another’s. Here’s another glance into the EV that is a sign of the times. Remember those long lines to reserve a Model 3? Those weren’t employees in line — they got to reserve earlier in quiet. Those would become the first Model 3 owners who weren’t Tesla/SpaceX employees, huge investors, or close company friends. Now, those customers are starting to reserve their Tesla Model 3 orders.

Here it is — the Model 3. 

Is Tesla Model 3 Production Gliding Into 5,000 Cars A Week?

There have now been multiple claims that Tesla staff members are telling Tesla customers that Tesla is sending out Model 3 configuration invites to batches of 5,000 at a time. If that’s true, it seems that 5,000 email invitations were sent in the past few days, 5,000 were sent approximately a week before that, and 5,000 were sent around November 21–22, going by crowdsourced information in this Google Sheet.

15,000 Tesla Model 3 Configuration Invites? (Customer Report)

The first Tesla Model X that I got to drive was an early Model X from a regular CleanTechnica reader who drove it from Northern California to Southern California when I was there for the first Tesla Model 3 reveal. He put in an early reservation for a Model 3 too, and he just got his invite to configure a few hours ago.

More interesting is what a Tesla employee told him on the phone after he got the invite. The Tesla staff member told him that invites were going out in batches of 5,000.