Tesla Model 3 production

Tesla Model 3 Production Has 25–33% The Number Of Steps “Found In Traditional Auto”

The road to the future runs through Fremont. Tesla has always been the leader of the EV revolution, and (despite the media nonsense about “Tesla-killers”) that isn’t going to change any time soon. Tesla’s future depends on achieving long-term profitability, and that depends on sustaining volume production of Model 3. So the burning question of the day is, what’s really going on at the Tesla factory?

What Changed In The EV Industry In June & July?

I moved from Europe to the US at the end of June, so ended up skipping my monthly updates on what changed in the electric vehicle (EV) and solar energy industries. Now that I’m back at it this month, I’m combining big news from June and July. Enjoy this EV news roundup and let us know in the comments if you think I’m missing any biggies.

More Nuggets From Tesla’s Q2 2018 Investor Conference Call

This quarter, the Tesla earnings call came on a day that I was already booked to basically spend all of my time slogging around Los Angeles, for CleanTechnica meetings with cleantech leaders as well as family engagements. That resulted in me listening in on the call from my Model 3 in some random neighborhood to the north of Los Angeles, which was surprisingly comfortable. I furiously took notes on the call while comparing them to the quarterly shareholder letter — while also chatting back and forth with our central team as we rallied around CleanTechnica Director & Chief Editor Zach Shahan in preparation for his line of questioning for Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The Tesla Short Thesis Just Collapsed — CNN, CNBC, Forbes, & Business Insider Are Still…

We’ve covered the wild world of Tesla short sellers for a while. When the most shorted company on the stock market is a major cleantech company, CleanTechnica just has to dig into this stuff. To much better understand what short sellers are, who shorts Tesla, what the Tesla short theses have been (yes, they change from time to time), and why we’ve largely thought that shorting Tesla is idiotic, check out the 11 stories linked at the bottom of this article.