Tesla Model 3 production

Tesla Model 3 — Cash Cow When Tesla Needs It Most

As Liza Minnelli sung in Cabaret: “Money, Money, Money makes the world go around.” Tesla needs cash, lots of cash. There are many panicky stories of the cash squeeze Tesla is going to experience. Those stories are not only appearing on Seeking Alpha, even Moody’s is starting to believe and repeat them. That is a serious situation because the Moody’s investors service is supposed to know what it’s talking about. They are essentially saying: “We see risks, we see opportunities, but we don’t know whether there is solid ground in the near future. This uncertainty forces us to downgrade Tesla until we know more about the financial results and expectations.”

Tesla Model 3 Competitive Advantage — Costs ~$10,000 Less To Make Than Chevy Bolt

Tesla is doomed, doomed I tell you. When the real carmakers with their century of experience start making electric cars, it is over for Tesla. Ford, VW, and Toyota are so much better. Etc., etc. ……… . How often have we heard comments like this? In a couple of previous articles, I compared the ramp of the Tesla Model 3 to the ramp of the Chevy Bolt. Tesla is clearly as good as or better than GM in bringing electric cars to production.

Tesla Exec (In Employee Email): Daily Model 3 Production Well Into The 200s

A recently revealed internal email, from Tesla Senior Vice President of Engineering Doug Fields to employees at the company, featured the comment that daily production rates were now “well into the 200’s on every single line.” That is, the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 production lines were all now churning out well over 200 units a day, each. (No, the Model Y isn’t making the cut yet.)