Tesla Model 3 Japan

Survey Shows Japanese More Interested In Tesla Model 3 Than Any Other Imported EV

The Tesla Model 3 is Japan’s top imported EV, according to a survey by Current Motor, Yahoo! Japan has reported. Current Motor operates the imported car service Foreign Car King and it conducted a questionnaire survey on imported EVs for those interested in imported cars. テスラ モデル3を選んだ理由として「デザインや見た目がいい」「急速充電が可能」「コストパフォーマンスが高い」などの理由が多く、デザイン面や性能面、価格面でも高く評価されている#Yahooニュースhttps://t.co/mTtgNogxae — Tesla Japan … [continued]

Tesla Has Great Potential In Asia Beyond China

In this article, I want to discuss Tesla’s potential to grow in the Asian market. Everybody knows China is a huge opportunity since it is both the largest auto market in the world and it seems to get pretty good support from the government, which seems to be trying to address the air pollution issue in the country, but I wanted to look at the size of all the rest of Asia.